Homemade Berger Cookies


Over the weekend, R and I worked hard on a dinner for 2 that could have fed 8, at least!  I had planned a 100% homemade (and 100% unhealthy) menu of fried chicken, mac and cheese, and Berger type cookies.  When I started planning the menu, I was not fully aware of how time consuming each dish was, so we didn’t actually sit down to eat until almost 10pm.  Poor planning on my part, but the meal was delicious!

I was most excited about the Bergers!  If you have not spent time in Baltimore, it is possible that you have never even heard of a Berger cookie.  I discovered them in college when someone brought a box of Bergers to share with my freshman year sculpture class.  A Berger is basically a thick cakey vanilla cookie with a big hunk of fudgey icing smeared on top.  Bergers are a Baltimore classic, dating back to 1835 when Mr. Berger brought the recipe over from Germany and started making them for his bakery in East Baltimore.

We were so full from fried chicken and mac & cheese that we didn’t even get to the cookies until the next morning.  They made a tasty breakfast treat with coffee!

(You can find the recipe I used at Buscuits and Such.  I just omitted the orange food coloring.)

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One thought on “Homemade Berger Cookies

  1. Berger cookies. yum. My wonderful in-laws bring us boxes of them when they come visit. :-)

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