Summer House

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow between my last post and today, it has become summer.  The weather has gone back and forth between unbelievably hot and humid, and irresistibly beautiful with cool breezes and amazing thunderstorms.  Our 3 hydrangea bushes out front are blooming their socks off with heavy purple heads.  Between work and play, R and I took a few days to get our house back in order…how quickly it falls to pieces!  This meant folding the back log of laundry, vacuuming tons of pet hair off the stairs, and my favorite job: refreshing the mantle.  I loved how I had it for the winter, so I didn’t change a whole lot, but pulled out all my favorite nautical elements to celebrate summer- if only I could get away to take a peek at the ocean!

There are a handful of special items here including a few dumpster diving finds like the drawer and old window, my dad’s 1956 graduation stein from Washington & Lee University, a boat model handmade by a co-worker from a previous job, Happy Love bunting by dear friend Genevieve of Sun In My Chest, a painting by another dear friend, Javier Ameijeiras.

Next up… the sun room.  There’s not much room for a makeover in here, but it’s on the agenda.  This room has so much potential, but so far, Georgia is pretty much the only one who really uses it.  When the windows are all open and the ceiling fan is spinning, you can pretend that you are in an island bungalow…just don’t look out the window.

Are there any rooms in your house that you are working on refreshing for the summer?

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2 thoughts on “Summer House

  1. realduotone says:

    Purple hydrangeas! How gorgeous—like everything else. You have the touch.

    Mary B.

  2. Aleksandra says:

    Dear ML, please come decorate my house. Love, A

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